Carbonless Paper that Achieves a Higher Standard for Medical & Shipping Forms

Make the Best Impression with Multipage Carbonless (2-6+ Pages)

Healthcare Medical Forms Paper

Guy’s E. Paper produces carbonless paper that meets a higher standard for medical, shipping and other forms used by essential workers who deserve the best.

It’s time to stop putting up with low-quality carbonless forms that streak or buckle and leave you with business forms that don’t get the job done, because your customers are putting up with them too.

When it comes to this critical staple of business forms printing, one brand is not as good as the next, and low-quality paper can leave you with problems you can’t paper over.

A Specialty Paper Partner You Can Trust

Printers with clients in healthcare, food processing, manufacturing, and warehousing need paper that makes the right impression and won’t jam your printing equipment with debris that low-quality paper can leave behind.

From 2-part to 6-part carbonless from Guy’s E. Paper, the impression quality on the last page is as good as the first – because we manufacture it right here in the USA. We also provide carbonless paper in folio size, from 17.5″ x 22.5″ up to 38″ x 45″.

High Quality Paper with a Full Replacement Guarantee

High-quality carbonless printing starts with high-quality paper stock, but it also includes high-quality customer service, fast-turnaround and a full replacement guarantee – with some of the most flexible and printer-friendly terms in the industry.

Stop putting up with paper that doesn’t make the cut. At Guy’s E. Paper, we have the widest selection anywhere of high-quality paper, envelopes and printing supplies including carbonless, coated, fluorescents, sublimation and heat transfer papers, wide format and more. We also provide custom perforation, punching and collating, competitive pricing, and damage-free shipping.

Start making a better impression today by scheduling a Specialty Paper Consultation. We can help you identify the best carbonless and other specialty papers as well as show you how to cut unnecessary costs and increase printing efficiency.