Van Son is proud to introduce Quickson PRO, An exciting addition to the Van Son line of quality oil base inks. Formulated to work with ease on any size press you operate, and on any application.  It offers the Van Son quality and convenience you’ve come to know and expect for an amazingly low price. Quickson PRO is specifically designed to make your printing life easier and more profitable.

  • Vacuum packaged 2.2 lb. can
  • Runs on all offset presses
  • Stays open overnight
  • Work and turn-ability
  • Laser safe after 48-72 hours
  • Works with all plate systems
  • Compatible with all dampening systems
  • Fast setting
  • High gloss & high rub resistance
  • UV Coatable & Aqueous Coatable*

*Substitute Inks are available for Reflex, Rhodamine, Purple, Violet, and Warm Red
for any UV Coating or Aqueous Coating applications.